Fractions: From Foundations to Operations

Are you an upper elementary or middle school math teachers who’s teaching fraction operations?

Are you TIRED of spending HOURS searching for fraction strategies & materials?

If this is you, you can STOP SEARCHING for tips about teaching fraction operations…I’ve done all the searching and researching for you!

Find all the TIPS & STRATEGIES IN ONE PLACE with this program, so you can SAVE TIME, enjoy teaching fractions, and help your students on the path TO FRACTION MASTERY.

The program, Fractions: From Foundations to Operations focuses on how to teach all the fraction operations while incorporating the fraction basics. 

This program:

  • Takes you step-by-step through teaching the fraction operations with both representation and computation, using a VARIETY of methods
  • Includes strategies, tips, resources and more! I’ve done the searching for you, to compile the tools you need, so you can spend time doing other things you love.
  • Teaches strategies for incorporating foundational fraction concepts into fraction operations instruction
  • Gives you the tools and knowledge you need so you can STOP spending HOURS searching for ways to help your students 
  • Gives you the keys to incorporating fraction concepts and operations in various ways throughout the year

Do You LOVE Teaching Fractions?

OR not so much?

Every time fractions pop up, do your students freeze and say things like: 

  • “I can’t do fractions.”
  • “There’s a fraction…what do I do with it???”
  • “I hate fractions!”
  • “I have no clue.”

And then, maybe they give up. They write an answer that has a fraction in it and move on. 

And you have SO much to cover… you don’t have time to get to the root understandings of all the fraction things. Does this sound familiar?

If your 5th, 6th, 7th, or even 8th-graders are having trouble with foundational fraction concepts and fraction operations, maybe it’s time to switch things up.

What Teachers are Saying About This Program

Cindy B
Cindy B
Classroom Teacher
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This course surpassed everything I imagined! I did not understand math growing up (especially fractions!). I was an early primary teacher and when I became a sped teacher and transferred to teaching middle school RSP, I knew I had to learn upper math concepts. This course was informative and gave me visuals to help understand. The note pages to fill in and the abundance of extras (games, doodle notes, etc.) made this class totally worth it! Thank you for making math understandable and enjoyable.
Judith G
Judith G
Classroom Teacher
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I am almost done with the program and have thoroughly enjoyed it! My two biggest take-aways were the Ladder Method and dividing fractions using the Common Denominator. I am the Middle School Math Instructional Coach for a small K-8 district and will definitely be sharing these two methods with our teachers. Thank you for this program!
Faye J
Faye J
Classroom Teacher
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This course was methodical in teaching all needed aspects of fraction operations. The methods used were consistent from start to finish and their purposes explained. When options existed, multiple options were shown with their pros and cons. I have taught and tutored math for over 20 years and there were some new insights from this training which was exactly what I was hoping for. Most significant of all was the timely feedback I received. I asked a question on the facebook group and within a day, not only was the question answered, but a new video was made to supplement the videos in the lesson. I will definitely be sharing some of these key ideas and using the student resources. They are well-organized and consistent which will help so many of my students, especially those with learning disabilities. I recommend any teacher who covers fractions operations in their curriculum to take this course.
Jennifer J
Jennifer J
Classroom Teacher
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I have had a fantastic year…Your program was an eye-opener to me. I kept the notes and handouts in a binder and use them regularly before teaching a session. I have reviewed videos before teaching it too. Whether you are new to teaching fractions, are just looking for a better understanding of fractions and teaching them, or just need a good refresher. This course is great from beginning to end.


You CAN help your students feel comfortable with fractions and begin mastering fractions…

without YOU feeling overwhelmed, stressed, OR spending HOURS searching for help.

Let’s think about this a little more…

Fractions ARE Hard

Let’s face it, many students struggle with fractions and fraction operations at some point. 

You probably see this struggle every year. (And the past couple of years have NOT helped!)

If students are taught procedurally rather than conceptually, they can easily get confused when they learn procedures for new operations. 

And many of your students may have been taught with just procedures before they came to you.

BUT, it’s not too late to help your upper elementary and middle school math students get on the right track with their fractions.

Why is Teaching Fraction Operations Such a Challenge??

Let’s be honest: there’s a good chance you were never taught HOW to teach fractions and fraction operations!

A survey of math teachers revealed that their undergraduate programs didn’t really prepare them to teach math in general, much less prepare them to teach fraction operations with a conceptual approach.

In Number Talks, Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages, the authors cite a study by Li and Smith (2007) that states:

  • 93% of prospective middle school teachers could solve 7/9 ÷ 2/3 procedurally
  • BUT only 52% could correctly answer ‘How many 1/2s are in 2/3?’

They concluded that teachers’ lack of conceptual understanding affects students’ understanding of what fraction division means.

Brenda A
Brenda A
Classroom Teacher
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It really was an eye opening course. We share the same feelings when it comes to teaching fractions. We need to go through the whole experience and not just teach the tricks. I had a whole class that learned tricks and had to slow down and do quite a bit of reteaching this year. I have already recommended this course to some of our staff. I look forward to more courses. Thank you so much.
Laurie S
Laurie S
Classroom Teacher
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This course covered everything from basics to complex. The speed of the course was perfect, especially since you could stop/review as needed. I appreciate the additional resources AND the ability to come back to refresh!
Judith G
Judith G
Classroom Teacher
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This course is excellent for anyone who teaches middle school math. Whether a new teacher or seasoned veteran, there are great ideas and excellent goodies to use in the class.

If you want to help your students….

Understand what fraction operations mean so they can successfully complete and explain operations with fractions….and ace their assessments!

Improve their fraction flexibility and develop a deeper understanding of number relationships​​​.

Retain their understanding throughout the year, feeling more confident and less stressed when they see fractions in other contexts…

                                                             …’re in the right place

Is This Program Right for You?

This program is meant for you if you’re an upper elementary or middle school math teacher and…

you’re sick and tired of scouring the internet, looking for fraction tips and piecing together ways to help your students

you’re looking for new ways to teach ANY of the fraction operations

you need tools to close students’ fraction gaps 

you want to see your students’ confidence grow as they  develop a deeper understanding of what fractions are and what fraction operations mean

you’re willing to start ‘weaving’ fractions into math class when you aren’t ‘teaching fractions’

In This Program, You’ll Learn About…

Including representations along with computation when teaching all of the fraction operations

Incorporating review of foundational fraction concepts when teaching fraction operations

Activities that help students explore fractions and fraction operations to find meaning. Word problem contexts are used in each module.

Weaving fractions into class when you aren’t ‘teaching fractions,’ to reduce time gaps students often experience before getting back to fractions at a new grade level.

What’s Included? 

35 videos (6 hours) covering:

  • fraction basics 
  • how to incorporate fraction basics into the teaching of operations
  • various methods for teaching all four fraction operations
  • how to incorporate representations into teaching fraction operations
  • how to weave fractions into class on a weekly or even daily basis
  • specific module content is listed below

90-pages of course guides to take notes

  • download as one whole workbook and bind the pages
  • OR download separately as you work through each lesson 

​​45-pages of student resources

  • includes 17 student activities from the lessons
  • organizer and notes pages
  • download as one whole workbook or download as you work through each lesson
  • 12-hour Professional Development Certificate upon program completion

In Addition to the Videos, Guides and Resources, We Have 3 Bonus Items!

25 additional student resources (>$60 value)

  • Doodle notes pages
  • Doodle math wheels
  • problem solving activities
  • number lines
  • fraction strips
  • fraction cards/ partnering cards
  • game ideas
  • 120 Days of Fraction Spiral Review
  • Fraction Math Dates and Calendar Cards

Members-only community, on the program platform (Thinkific)

4 Bonus Videos:

  • Teaching Decimal Operations
  • Fraction, Decimal, Percent Conversions
  • Using Spiral Review
  • Teaching Problem Solving Strategies

Would you like to STOP…

Wasting hours searching blogs, YouTube, and Pinterest, looking for strategies, tips and resources?

Being frustrated and overwhelmed when students continue to freeze and give up when they see fractions?

     …NOW YOU CAN!

The research has been done for you…reading the books and articles, scrolling through sites, and compiling the strategies and methods.

Resources have been created for you to take into the classroom, so YOU can save your precious time.

What Do We Cover in the Program?

Module 1: Helping Students Master Fraction Basics

  • course introduction
  • converting between mixed number form and improper fraction form (fractions greater than one)
  • exploring the ladder method, its benefits and how it can be used with fraction concepts
  • comparing fractions with the same numerators, same denominators, using benchmarks and why NOT to just use cross-multiplying
  • 3 methods for simplifying fractions

Module 2: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

  • module overview
  • exploring the butterfly method, why NOT to use it and what to do if students have already learned it
  • exploring the meaning of fraction addition and subtraction with activities for both you and your students
  • estimating and why we need to use it
  • 3 methods for finding least common denominator
  • adding and subtracting unlike fractions
  • adding mixed numbers
  • word problem contexts
  • lessons include specific activities/problems to use with students

Module 3: Subtracting Mixed Numbers

  • module overview (yes, subtracting mixed numbers gets its own module!)
  • laying the ‘groundwork’ – exploring ways to solve
  • using partial differences
  • subtracting with regrouping
  • subtracting using improper fractions (fractions greater than one)
  • word problem contexts
  • lessons include specific activities/problems to use with students

Module 4: Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

  • module overview
  • what does fraction multiplication mean?
  • multiplying whole numbers and fractions
  • multiplying fractions and fractions
  • multiplying fractions and mixed numbers
  • multiplying mixed numbers by mixed numbers
  • word problem contexts
  • lessons include specific activities/problems to use with students

Module 5: Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

  • module overview
  • what does fraction division mean?
  • dividing whole numbers and fractions
  • exploring division with common denominators, transitioning to using reciprocals
  • dividing fractions by fractions
  • dividing mixed numbers by mixed numbers
  • word problem contexts
  • lessons include specific activities/problems to use with students 

Module 6: Fitting it All In

  • summary of the operations
  • a look at fractions in other contexts
  • resources for you 
  • ideas for fitting fractions in all year
  • closing message

Money-back Guarantee 

I believe you’ll love this course as much as other teachers have, but if you work through the first module or two and feel the course just isn’t right for you, you can receive a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes. Please email me at

AnswerYes! You may only be required to teach fraction division (as I did in 6th grade), but you may end up reteaching addition, subtraction or multiplication when students encounter fractions in other contexts (like solving equations).

  • You may have NO fraction operation instruction in your curriculum, but still find that you need to teach them in ‘non-fraction’ contexts.
  • If you’re an instructional coach, this is definitely for you!

AnswerYes! When you finish the program, you’ll receive a certificate showing you completed 12 hours of online learning.

Answer: Yes! All modules will be available as soon as you enroll and you can access any lessons and resources immediately.

Answer: As long as the program exists (the lifetime of the program).

Answer: I am always available, via email or in the course discussion area on Thinkific. Other members are also available in the Facebook group.

Answer: Definitely! If you’re a parent supporting a child who would benefit from supplemental work with fraction concepts (or you’re a homeschooling parent), this program will be helpful.

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  • a lover of math
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