Are You Ready For Your Students' NEW FAVORITE Note-Taking Strategy?​

Discover How To Transform Your Upper Elementary or Middle School Math Class With This Unique Note-Taking Method!

Are you tired of:

Students tuning out when it’s time to take math notes and try practice problems?

Trying to create new and engaging ways for students to take notes?

Lack of organization in students’ math notes and example problems?

There's no other way to spin it:

Math notes can be boring.
Math notes can be confusing.
Math notes can fail to meet students' needs.
Math notes can lead to disengaged students.

customary measurement math wheel for taking notes

I get it, because I've been there

I’ve tried different note-taking methods with students over the years, like: 

  • having them set up their own notes in their notebooks
  • giving them packets of guided notes
  • not taking many notes and giving hand outs instead, etc.

The thing is….students benefit from writing information themselves! Handing them pages of completed notes doesn’t help get the content into their brains.

So, when Doodle Notes came on the scene several years back, I wanted to create something similar, but with a little different structure…maybe because my brain just needed the structure of different sections.

And I came up with the idea of ‘math wheels.’ A math wheel is a type of graphic organizer, where students:

math wheel for multiplying whole numbers 4th grade notes

Imagine students Who Are Excited About math note taking
I Promise It Happens ~ With Math Wheels!

Math wheels facilitate interactive learning through the use of doodles and creative visuals, helping students to better engage with the content and retain it.

The use of colorful, engaging visuals and doodles can make learning math more fun and enjoyable for students,  increasing their motivation and interest in math. 

Math wheels encourage creativity and personalization, allowing students to express themselves and their understanding of the material in unique ways.

PLUS, the use of color and images in math note taking is
supported by brain research!

Each Math Wheel Resource Includes...

Math wheel for student notes, with practice problems around the wheel.

Key and sample to guide you as you use the wheels.

Editable wheel so you can create your own wheel for other content.

You Can Purchase Individual Wheels or Wheel Bundles

There are over 90 math wheels in my TPT shop, for 3rd to 7th grade math topics. 

Besides specific math topics, you can also find wheels for:

  • Class Expectations
  • Getting to Know You (Meet the Mathematician)
  • Math Talk
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Test-Taking Strategies

AND, if you happen to teach ELA too, there are a few grammar wheels for you!

What Teachers Are Saying About Math Wheels

Align With our standards and Learning goals

The Kids....Actually
Refer Back To Them!

They are a fabulous way students remember concepts!

This is a great resource for my students to do note taking and practice problems in their Interactive Math Notebooks. They have a lot of information in them and align very well with our standards and learning goals. I highly recommend!

I love these math wheels! I love using guided notes and these are fun and easy to use. The kids like them and actually use them and refer back to them. Totally worth the money and a time saver!

I’ve used other wheels before with my students, so I went ahead and bought the entire bundle. They are a fabulous way to make math fun and help the students remember concepts.

This is definitely something you want to use in a creative math classroom.

Check Out the Wheels Below!

Select the button for the grade level you need. 

The buttons take you to the bundles, which also list the individual wheels.

Math notes are so important - let's get students engaged in them!

You can use math wheels in so many ways.
With math wheels, you can...

  • Use with the whole class, to introduce or review content
  • Use in small groups, for remediation
  • Use in centers as review, student discussion, or extra practice
  • Use for test prep
  • Address different learning strengths and needs
  • Utilize BOTH the left and right hemispheres of the brain during note taking
  • Help students understand the meaning of concepts with visual representations
  • Help students keep their notes organized as you move through the year
  • Provide engaging reference sheets for the year
  • Create anchor charts for reference and to guide students in taking notes
Print your math wheels as posters to guide note-taking and save to display as anchor charts.

You AND Your Students Will Love the Math Wheels!

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