Math Wheels for Note-taking?


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Here at Cognitive Cardio Math, we help upper elementary and middle school math teachers by providing creative and easy-to-implement ideas and resources, so they can challenge and engage their students without spending hours on planning.

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Fraction Review

Upper elementary & middle school math teachers!
Feeling some fraction frustrations?
Grab these TEN easy-prep resources to help your students review fraction concepts, even when you aren't teaching fractions!

Online middle school math activities

Student Learning:
Online math activities

Provide your upper elementary and middle school math students with engaging, challenging digital activities! With over 50 different activities and 1900 questions, students can use the site for practice and constant review. Excellent for centers, fast finishers, choice time, math enrichment and more.

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hello there!

Welcome to Cognitive Cardio Math! I’m Ellie, a wife, mom, grandma, and dog ‘mom,’ and I’ve spent just about my whole life in school!
With nearly 30 years in education, I’ve taught:

  • All subject areas in 4th and 5th grades
  • Math, ELA, and science in 6th grade (middle school)

I’ve been creating resources for teachers since 2012 and have worked in the e-learning industry for about five years as well!

If you’re looking for ideas and resources to help you teach upper elementary or middle school math (and a little ELA), I can help you out!

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Engage students in taking math notes with this FREE Fraction Operations wheel and 3 wheel templates!