Math Wheels for Note-taking?

Math Intervention Made Easy with Math Wheels


I am always on the lookout for activities I can use repeatedly so that my students can have a familiar resource to look back on. Some of the activities that have had great success for my many different learners are my math wheels! Math wheels are your trusty companions in math intervention. They make the learning process much more enjoyable and engaging. With their visual and hands-on approach, your students can grasp math concepts in a whole new way. The best part is that math wheels can adapt to your learners’ unique learning styles and needs, making the experience personalized. Whether your students are beginners or have some math experience, these wheels have got you covered! If you’re on the lookout for an effective and fun tool to excel in math intervention, math wheels are the perfect companions for the journey!

Benefits of Math Intervention

Including time for math intervention is a major component of your teaching to provide personalized learning and support for all your students! When you include math wheels in your math intervention, you:

1. Provide Visual and Hands-On Learning

Math wheels are super visual and totally interactive. They have blank space to draw or color in graphics, diagrams, and illustrations that make math look like a work of art! Perfect for visual learners who want to easily tackle abstract math ideas. They’re not just for looking at; you can get hands-on with them too by drawing, and coloring. This is your kinesthetic learners’ jam.

2. Reinforce All the Key Concepts

Math wheels are available in all the key math skills and concepts for your grade level. They are perfect for building up those essential skills – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – but they don’t stop there. Nope! They’re also here to conquer those trickier concepts like fractions, decimals, geometry, and even algebra! With all that targeted practice and a bunch of math problems to solve, your students will feel super confident in those areas where they need some extra love.

Each grade level set is designed to include all the key math concepts for that grade. If you are an intervention teacher, that means you can have access to all the different skills and concepts. Plus, having multiple grade levels allows you to easily go back to meet each student right where they are. Having everything you need right at your fingertips means you can save valuable time while your intervention groups can be covering any skill and use the support of math wheels.

3. Differentiate and Personalize in your Math Intervention Groups

Every student has their own needs, and that’s where these math wheels come to the rescue! Math wheels have ultimate customizability! Based on your students’ skills and goals, you can totally handpick the perfect math wheel for them. Many sets include a couple of options: one with notes filled in and one with space for students to take notes. Depending on the student’s needs, you can decide which of these would be best. Additionally, the resource also includes an editable wheel. So, if you can’t find the “just right” tool for your intervention students, you can make your very own. It’s all about making sure each student gets the right support they need to learn and master those key math concepts.

4. Create an Engaging and Fun Learning Experience

While math wheels are note-taking graphic organizers, they bring a whole new level of fun and excitement to math intervention! Students can doodle and unleash their creative side while tackling math problems. These math wheels provide a low-pressure approach to math intervention. Plus, the colors and doodles help learners retain what they are learning. Before they know it, they have solidified or even learned a new concept without 10 pages of notes!

How Do I Get Started with Math Wheels for my Math Intervention Groups?

I have you covered! I have math wheel resources for 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade math concepts that you can use with your math intervention groups!

What Do I Receive in Each Resource?

Each file contains the math wheel for the target skill in multiple formats! You will receive one wheel with the notes already in place, one with space for the students to write the notes, a completed example, and an editable math wheel.

The math wheel will be divided into sections with the section headings in place. In each section, there will be space to complete fill-in-the-blank notes, complete a couple of practice problems, and doodle or color.

Also, in every file is a blank template of a math wheel for you to create your own. This ensures that you can make a wheel that reinforces ANY concept with just the right level of support for the students in your intervention group.

How Do I Use Math Wheels in My Math Intervention Groups?

Math wheels are your one-stop-shop for fun math notes and, most importantly, make math approachable! Let’s break down how you can make the most of them in your intervention groups:

Step 1: Note-taking fun!

When you’re in your math intervention sessions, have students take out math wheels to start taking notes like a pro. The center of the wheel is like the heart of the matter, and the surrounding sections are where students jot down all the important information related to that topic. You’ve got formulas, definitions, key points – all right there in one place.

Step 2: Colors to the rescue!

Who said math had to be dull and dreary? Not with math wheels! Bring in the colors and let your students’ creativity shine. Have them assign different colors to different things, like green for formulas, blue for examples, and red for those essential tips. Colors make the information pop, and they also help your students’ brains remember concepts better. Win-win!

Step 3: Practice makes perfect!

Now comes the exciting part – practicing math problems! Imagine a circular pattern of problems around the wheel. Each section builds on the one before and gives frequent practice. Practicing becomes a breeze, and your students become master problem solvers.

Step 4: Interactive notebooks For the Win!

Remember those interactive notebooks or binders your students have?

Well, guess what – math wheels are the perfect addition to them. Stick those beautiful creations inside, and they’ve got their own personalized math study tool. Whenever they need a refresher or a quick review, it’s all there at their fingertips.

Step 5: Keep the math magic going!

The best part about math wheels is they’re not just for one-time use. They’re a lasting resource for your students. Encourage them to keep interactive notebooks or binders safe and sound. They’ll want to revisit those math wheels for extra practice or before that big test. As they create the math wheels, they’re reinforcing their learning while writing, drawing, and coloring.

So, there you have it – math wheels are your math intervention group’s secret to success! They are a wonderful math intervention activity that also provides your students with an ongoing reference tool. Since the wheels focus on capturing the key concepts with some practice problems, they don’t feel like the same old math practice. And. . . the ability to color and doodle makes them fun!

Overall, they help your students organize their notes, make learning memorable with colors, and turn practice into an adventure. By keeping these graphic organizers safe, your students will have a powerful math study tool right at their fingertips.

Additional Reading on Math Wheels

If you are looking for more ways to implement math wheels, make sure to check out these grade-level blog posts. They go into more detail about the benefits of math wheels, as well as how to use them in your classroom!

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