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Math Review Games for Parents to Empower Their Learners


Every summer kids face the loss of learning known as the summer slide. As parents, we don’t want our kids moving backward. The good news is that in just a few minutes a day, our kids can maintain what they have learned and even move forward. Math review games are a great way to do some review during the summer without kids feeling like they have a summer of homework. I’ve gathered some of my favorite math games that are the perfect way to help your kids review important math skills during the summer.

These math review games will help you and other parents make at-home learning enjoyable and effective. Ultimately, I hope you find math review games that will help your kids feel empowered when it comes to math, and confident as they head into the new school year. Let’s take a look at these easy, but impactful, math review games that will boost your child’s math skills!

Summer Learning?

I am right there with you! It’s summer, which means more swim time, sleeping in, and doing what you want when you want to. Reviewing math skills with your kids during summer break has many cool, long-term benefits. Here are some solid reasons why you want to take the time and do it:

Avoid a Learning Slide

When kids aren’t actively using the skills and concepts they have learned in school they tend to forget much of what was learned. This “learning slide” often happens during the summer break. But in reality, it can happen at any time.

Reviewing math keeps their brains in shape and stops that slide in its tracks! Trust us; you don’t want your kids to start the new school year feeling all rusty and uncertain in math (or any other subject). By keeping those math gears turning, you’re setting them up for a smooth ride into the next grade!

When the new school year rolls around, your kiddos will be totally on top of their math game. No lagging behind – they’ll be all set to rock those numbers! It’s like having your own math experts in the house, ready to conquer any math challenge that comes their way.

Boost That Confidence

Mastering math skills makes your kids feel like math superheroes. They’ll be super confident when they know their stuff, and that’s a real confidence booster! Just imagine the joy on their faces when they ace those math problems and realize, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this!” That kind of confidence spills over into other subjects, making them feel like they can take on any challenge!

Stronger Base, Stronger Future

Summer review helps build a solid foundation in math. Strengthen any weak spots, and your kids will have a super strong base to conquer more challenging skills later on! Think of it like you’re constructing a solid math building block to support them throughout their academic journey. With a strong foundation, there’s no limit to how far they can go!

Real-Life Math Skills

Math isn’t just for textbooks; it’s all around us! Summer review shows your kids how math exists in real life, from cooking to shopping to building cool creations! Involve them in everyday activities where math plays a part. They’ll understand that math isn’t some abstract concept – it’s a tool they can use to tackle real-world situations!

Life-Long Learning Vibes

By giving math some love over the summer, you’re helping your kids embrace learning for life. Who knows where that passion for learning might take them? When they see how awesome it is to learn and grow, they’ll carry that enthusiasm into the future, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Math Review Games to Play at Home

Ready to dedicate a small chunk of time each day to math review games? I have a collection of math review games that will turn learning into a thrilling adventure for your kids. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fun and engaging ways to help your kiddos polish their math skills over summer break. I’ve handpicked a few math review games that are entertaining and educational!

Footloose Math Review Games

We know our children have boundless energy, even during summertime! So, it’s important to keep them moving and learning, even if it’s with math review games! One of my favorite math games for reviewing multiplication and division is Footloose. It’s like a math scavenger hunt that can be played inside when it’s hot outside or take the fun outside and enjoy the summer weather.

Use footloose math review games like these to not only review important math facts but also get your kiddos up and moving as you prepare them for the new school year.

These games are not your typical sit-and-learn activities; they’re all about getting kids on their feet and engaged in math. With resources like the Multiplication Facts Footloose Math Game and the Division Facts Footloose Math Game, we’re taking math review to a whole new level.

In both of these games, students will be reviewing key math skills. They will have math fact practice as well as word problems. These games are fantastic for building confidence and accuracy in math skills. Plus, they encourage critical thinking as they work through division equations and multiplication challenges.

Another bonus to these two math review games is that they can also be done while traveling to a new destination! They are a perfect activity for a travel day on a road trip or easy and lightweight to take on a carry-on bag.

By keeping multiplication and division facts fresh in their mind, they will be well-prepared and ready to take on any math adventure that comes their way.

Math Video Games

You can middle school math task cards on the Cognitive Cardio Online Math Activities and Games website.  They make a great math review games.

Who says math review in the summer has to be done on paper? Your kids will love some technology time and you’ll love that they are working on math. It’s a win-win for everyone. With a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone, your kids can be playing math games online.

I have taken a variety of math games and turned them digital. Technology is a great way to get buy-in from kids and will make summer learning so much fun.

Simply head over to the Digital Math Games and let your kids get playing. There are some free math games available that will help them review skills like fractions, decimals, and percents. There’s a lot of math fun to be had with these digital math games. And. . . you can get even more for only $5 per month. Visit this page to find out all the details.

Math Card Games

Psst! Want to know a secret? You don’t need fancy gadgets to make math super fun for your kids. Even simple card games can take math review games to a new level. That’s why I created an amazing resource, Equivalent Fractions Cards for Fraction Games – it’s all about making learning hands-on and collaborative!

Use this Go-Fish style math review game activity to get your kids excited about practicing important math facts.

With these fraction cards, you can turn equivalent fractions into an absolute blast. Picture your kids sorting cards, playing Go Fish, or battling it out during Fraction Wars – all while mastering the concept of equivalent fractions!

We can’t forget about Go Fish! This classic card game gets a math twist and is a real hit for all ages. They’ll collect cards to complete their sets of equivalent fractions, all while enjoying a little friendly competition and learning in the process. Math card games are the perfect addition to family game night.

Keep Elevating the Fun With Even More Math Review Games

There are even MORE amazing math games for you to play this summer that will make the beginning of the school year a total blast!

In my Engaging Middle School Games and Activities post, I’ve shared additional ideas to keep your kids hooked on math. These games are entertaining and can be played at your kitchen table or on the beach! From interactive dice games to color-by-number activities, I’ve got it all covered for you.

Ready to Get Your Math Review Game On?

These math review games are a true game-changer for your kids’ back-to-school preparations. By engaging in fun and interactive activities, your children will keep their math skills sharp and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject. From math scavenger hunts to math video games, your kids won’t mind a little at home math review. Let the games begin!

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