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Math Units: Innovative 6th Grade Curriculum for Teachers

Use these innovative math units for math fun and excitement this year.

Do you know what one of the most dreadful parts of teaching is? Opening your lesson plan book to plan for the week, month, or even quarter but you’re unable to because you’re just plain stumped. Maybe even a tad overwhelmed trying to make sure you’re meeting everyone’s needs. If you’re looking for a way to turn up the excitement in your classroom and make math come alive, guess what? Your search ends right here, right now! I’m about to unveil something that will take your teaching game to a whole new level. We’re talking about 6th-grade math units that will meet your students’ needs and save you time planning!

Imagine this: interactive and comprehensive 6th grade math units that are practically tailor-made to transform how you teach and engage your students. In this blog post, we will dive deep into what makes these units the absolute game-changers you need. We’ll lay out all the goodies that are packed into them, from hands-on activities that’ll have your students begging for more to insights that’ll make teaching these units a breeze.

I’m not just stopping at showing you what’s inside these math units. I’m also preparing you with some seriously practical tips and strategies on how to rock these units like a true math maestro in your classroom.

Math Units Galore!

I have a whole line of 6th grade math units to help you meet the needs of each of your students. Whether you are teaching equations, rational numbers, fractions & decimals, or any other 6th grade math skill – I’ve got you covered.

Each of these units is jam-packed with everything you need to teach the target skill. All of the units are set up in a similar fashion. So. . . let’s take a deep dive into these easy to use units using the very popular geometry unit.

Let’s take a look at the different features that make this unit and the other math units a hit in middle school classes.

Student Packets: A Comprehensive Learning Companion

Each unit comes with a student packet that acts as a roadmap as students travel through the key concepts of the unit. Each student packet includes:

  • “I Can” Statements: Imagine students knowing exactly what they will conquer. I’m talking about clear “I Can” statements that’ll make them feel like they are in the know on their learning journey. Statements that act as a road map for the learning ahead and later can be confident statements of the learning that happened.
Use the student packets as roadmaps in these math units to help guide your students through practicing key concepts.
  • Guided Notes Made Easy: No more confusion or pulling teeth to get students to take notes that will actually help them. Each unit includes step-by-step guided notes that take students by hand and walk them through the learning. And then? Built-in guided practice that helps you seamlessly move from one part of your lesson to the next.
  • Time to Show Off: An interactive “You Try It” section is a safe space for students to flex their newfound knowledge.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Flip to the practice pages for some awesome problem-solving action. I’ve created a mix of challenges that start off easy and get more difficult as you go.

Teacher Packets: Your Comprehensive Guide

I get how important it is to keep things simple when you’re getting ready to teach. That’s why I’ve got your back with the awesome Teacher Packet. Each Teacher Packet is your one-stop shop for acing the target skill in that unit. Each Teacher Packet includes:

  • Ready-to-Go Notes and Answers: Super handy guided notes with the answers you need. So, leading your students through the material? Piece of cake!
  • No More Problem Puzzles: Every single problem comes with detailed, step-by-step solutions. That means you’ll have all the confidence and tools to make those tricky concepts crystal clear for your students. No more head-scratching moments, promise!

Math Units Come in Google Slides Format!

All of my math units come in printable and digital formats! This gives you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for you and your students. Maybe you want to print the student’s notes but digitally assign the independent practice to your students. No Problem! You can be 100% paper-based, 100% digital, or any combination of the two. The goal is to make it easy for you!

Use the math units in Google Slides for fun online math practice your students can do anywhere they have access to a computer or tablet.

And don’t worry – the digital options are just as interactive as the paper options. I’ve given the activities a digital makeover that’ll have your students dragging, dropping, matching, and sorting while learning the ins and outs of their math skills.

It’s all about you having the flexibility to choose what will work best for you and your students.

Assessment and Progress Tracking: Guiding Student Growth

Here comes the icing on the math cake – tracking your students’ math mastery!

You know, the unit wouldn’t feel complete without having a way to peek into your students’ math minds. So, I’m throwing in a very helpful tool: exit tickets! These little gems help to give you an instant view of how well your students are catching onto the math concepts in real time. No more waiting until the unit test to discover that a student just isn’t getting it.

I’m not stopping at just glimpses. I’m also giving you the full panoramic view with a comprehensive unit assessment. This grand finale ties up all the concepts covered in a neat, knowledge-packed bow. It’s another chance for your students to show off everything they’ve learned.

Whether you’re peeking through exit ticket windows or taking in the overall view of the unit assessment, you will have all the tools you need to gauge your students’ understanding.

Word Wall Words: Building a Strong Vocabulary

Picture this: a math universe where words aren’t just words – they’re the key to unlocking math mysteries. I believe having an understanding of math vocabulary is a major key when learning new concepts. In each of my units, you will have access to vocabulary cards so you can support your students with a unit specific word wall.

These words will enrich your students’ understanding of all those mathematical terms that might have seemed like Greek before.

So, imagine your classroom decked out with a colorful math word wall, where terms like “acute angles,” “isosceles triangles,” and “congruence” jump out and make perfect sense. Your students won’t just be solving equations; they’ll be speaking the language of math like total pros.

Making the Most of Your Math Units: Tips for Success

Time to roll up your sleeves and rock those math units like a pro in your classroom! Here’s the game plan to make these lessons pop:

  • Step 1: Get Ready to Rock – Give those student and teacher packets a good once-over before you dive into teaching. Familiarity is your best buddy here. The smoother you are with the material, the more seamless your instruction will be.
  • Step 2: Tech Up the Engagement – Embrace the calling of the digital activities. Remember those drag-and-drop activities in the digital format? They’re like magnets for student attention. Watch those eyes light up as they interact and learn – it’s like learning and gaming rolled into one!
  • Step 3: The Learning Buffet – We’re all about variety. Your students are a diverse bunch, right? That’s where differentiation comes in. The guided notes and practice pages are your buffet – pick and choose what suits your students best. It’s like serving up math in a way that caters to everyone’s taste buds.
  • Step 4: The Insight Scoop – Regularly check those exit tickets. They’re not just random tickets. They provide insight into what your students are getting and what might need more explanation. Use this info to adjust your teaching tactics and keep everyone on the learning highway.
  • Step 5: Vocabulary Star Power Those word wall words? They’re not just decorations. They’re your secret to boosting math vocab. Encourage your students to sprinkle these terms into conversations and assignments. The more they practice including the vocabulary in their thinking and math talk, the easier it will enter into their conversations and answers.

Give it a Try with 5 Free Math Lessons!

Now that we have gone over the features and shared some strategies, I want you to try them out for yourself. Why? Because I know how great these units are and just how much they can help you and your students. I want you to see how much time you can save when everything is done and ready to go. I want you to experience how easy these lessons are to implement. And. . .I want you to see your students engaged in the activities and actively learning.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your free lessons now!

Elevate Your Teaching with Our Math Units

My 6th-grade math units are more than just lessons. They’re transformative tools that bring engagement and understanding to your classroom while saving you time and energy. Whether you choose the traditional packets or embrace the digital format, your students are in for an exciting journey of discovery in your math classes!

Are you ready to revolutionize your math instruction? Dive into our math units today and experience the magic for yourself!

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  • Math, ELA, and science in 6th grade (middle school)

I’ve been creating resources for teachers since 2012 and have worked in the elearning industry for about five years as well!

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