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ELA Review Game: Unveiling the Power of Truth or Dare

Use the power of truth or dare to engage your students in a review game featuring ELA concepts in a fun way they will love.

If you’re an ELA teacher like I have been, you understand the importance of keeping your middle school or upper elementary students actively engaged. From reading comprehension to grammar exercises, ELA has a wide range of topics to cover. Sometimes, it can be challenging to maintain our students’ interest. That’s where a good ole’ review game of truth or dare comes into play. Just as math task cards have proven to be versatile in math classes, they can be equally impactful in English Language Arts.

Introducing Truth or Dare Games in ELA

As teachers, we are always on the lookout for fresh ways to jazz up our lessons, right? After such great success using Truth or Dare review games in my math classes, I thought to myself, “Hey, why not introduce Truth or Dare games in my ELA classes?” So, that’s what I set out to do!

Benefits of the ELA Truth or Dare Review Game

Fun and Engaging ELA Practice

The ELA Truth or Dare Game makes middle school English Language Arts super exciting. The review game adds a dose of surprise that keeps students on their toes. It’s like opening a surprise with every card you pick. This anticipation transforms your classroom into an adventure where students actively dive into language arts concepts, making learning both enjoyable and memorable.

Self-Differentiation Opportunities with ELA Review Game

The game lets students choose their own adventure, so to speak. They get to decide which questions they want to tackle – truth questions, dare questions, or a mix! This freedom empowers even the quieter students, boosting their confidence. It’s a bit like giving them a nudge and saying, “You’ve got this!” Plus, it’s a gradual process, so students can work their way up to more challenging questions as they grow in their language arts skills.

Encourages Meaningful Discussions

It’s not just about answering questions. It’s about sharing, discussing, and debating.

Encourage meaningful discussions in your classroom by utilizing an ELA review game like truth or dare.

Students can talk about their answers, and that’s where the magic happens. They can agree or disagree with the answers a student gives and they can even present their own examples (after the student whose turn it is records their official answer).

This encourages critical thinking, and students get a deeper understanding from you and their classmates.

ELA Review Game Promotes Versatility

Now, this is where the review game becomes your trusty sidekick. You can use it in so many ways. Whether you want to jazz up a game day, reinforce a review session, create engaging center activities, or dive into lively small group discussions, this game is your go-to buddy. You can also tweak it for a whole-class challenge that brings everyone into the mix. Students can even play it solo and check their own progress, whether it’s with physical cards or digital versions. It’s adaptable, it’s versatile, and it fits any teaching style.

Engaging in the ELA Truth or Dare Review Game

Let’s talk about how you can play this ELA Truth or Dare Review Game in your middle school class. It’s a unique and interactive approach to teaching and learning that’s just perfect for the classroom. This game makes learning in your ELA class an absolute blast, and you’ll see your students get all pumped up about language arts.

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Get your students into groups of 3-4, or if they prefer, they can team up in pairs. It’s all about creating a fun and collaborative vibe.
  2. Hand out a recording sheet to each student. They’ll need that to jot down their answers and keep score.
  3. Each group gets two sets of cards – “Truth” and “Dare” cards. I usually whip up around 18 of each. These cards are kept in separate piles.
  4. Time to let the students decide who’s going first. It’s all about that friendly competition, right? During their turn, each student has a choice – they can go for a Truth card or take on the Dare card challenge.
  5. When they make their choice, students read the question out loud to the group. Then they roll up their sleeves and start working on the card. They record their answers on their recording sheet. They then share their responses with the group.

Take it Further with Group Discussions

I’m all about fostering discussions in my classroom. So, after they share their answers, I tell my students to chat about whether or not they agree.

Trust me, this leads to effective discussions that take their understanding to the next level.

They earn one point for every Truth card they tackle and get right. They’re in for a bigger challenge when they decide to take on those daring Dare cards. It’s totally worth it because those can be worth 2 or 3 points each.

Now, here’s the twist – they don’t know how many points they’ve scored until they flip the card. It’s a surprise within a surprise!

After all the answers have been double-checked and the points are neatly recorded, it’s time for the moment of truth. Students grab their calculators or do some mental math, and they add up their points. The one with the most points is the winner. If you’re able to award the winners with prizes, that adds to the engagement level. However, it’s definitely not a necessity!

Unlock the Adventure of ELA with Truth or Dare

The ELA Truth or Dare Game is your passport to a classroom adventure like no other. It’s not just a game but a tool that transforms your teaching into an active, engaging, and interactive journey. As we’ve chatted, it encourages your students to dive deeper into the intricate world of language arts, making the subject come alive.

This review game is not a solitary pursuit. It sparks discussions and fosters meaningful conversations among your students. It’s not just about them learning from you. It’s also about them learning from each other, which is a teacher’s dream come true.

Introduce the ELA Truth or Dare Review Game in your classroom. Let your students experience the thrill of learning in a whole new way. Thanks to this fresh and engaging approach, you’ll be amazed as they eagerly embrace the joy of exploring language arts.

Language Arts Truth or Dare Bundle

In my Language Arts Truth or Dare bundle, your learners will be able to review the different types of nouns, verbs, pronouns, and literary elements!

Use digital truth or dare activities like these for a fun ELA review game for independent practice your students can complete at home or in school.

Each topic includes 18 Truth cards and 18 Dare cards. There’s also a recording sheet and an answer key to keep everything in check. And let’s not forget the blank question cards so that you can add your own questions if you’d like to. It’s an easy way to connect these done-for-you games to your specific curriculum and pacing. There are also nifty Truth/Dare labels. Print and stick them on the back of question cards or use them as pile labels. Last but not least, game instructions are included so you can dive right into the fun without any hassle.

Looking for a digital ELA review game? Look no further than my digital Truth or Dare resources for nouns, verbs, and pronouns! When students access the Google Slides review game, they will have a Truth slide and a Dare slide. They will click one of the card choices on either slide and be taken to another slide with a question. They will answer said question by writing down their answer on the recording sheet or on the answer sheet in the Google Slides. Afterward, they will return to the Truth slide or Dare slide.

Need a Fun Math Review Game?

Read more about how I use Truth or Dare as a review game in Math by reading Math Task Cards with a Twist – Print and Digital Truth or Dare.

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