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1000 Mile Tracker for 2024


Use this 1000-mile tracker to keep you motivated and on-track in 2024! This is a printable PDF you can color as you complete your miles for the year.

Use this 1000 mile tracker to keep you motivated and on-track in 2024!

This is a PDF that you can print and color as you complete your miles.

How this one-page tracker is designed:

  • Each section of the tracker represents 2 miles. If you walk/run an odd number of miles, you can fill in half of a section.
    • For example, if you walk/run 4 miles on day 1, you’d fill in the first 2 sections (2 and 4). If you go 3 miles the next day, you’d fill in the 6 section and half of the 8 section, to show that you’re at a total of 7 miles.
  • When creating the tracker, I planned on an average of about 3 miles per day to get me to 1000 miles before the end of December; so, I have the month names after the approximate number of miles to complete, to show where I should be to stay close to that average.
    • For example, the January label is after 92 miles, February is after 178 miles, March is after 270 etc.
    • Staying at this pace gets you to 890 miles at the end of October and gives you fewer miles to complete in Nov and Dec to reach 1000.
    • If you stay at the 3 mile/day average, you can hit some bonus miles at the end of the year!
    • If you do fewer miles per day, you’ll just have more to complete each day as you get closer to the end of the year.

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