Math Wheels for Note-taking?

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Color by Number


Try this FREE mean, median, mode, and range color by number to help your upper elementary or middle school math students practice these concepts.

A fun and engaging way to practice mean, median, mode, and range concepts!

Students solve 20 problems, find the solution numbers on the coloring page and color with the color indicated.

This mean, median, mode resource is self-checking – if students don’t find their answer on the coloring sheet, they know they need to try the problem again:-)

In this mean, median, mode, range resource, problems require students to:

  • Find mean, median, mode or range of data sets
  • Find a missing number in the data set, given a specific mean, median, mode or range

This easy-prep resource includes:

  • Problem Sheet
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Keys
  • Coloring page with no numbers, so students can color the pattern their own way, for fun.


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