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Engaging Fall Activities for Middle School

Fall Activities Found!
Middle school students still like those fun seasonal activities:-)

Many years ago (I have no idea how many) I used a graph paper coloring activity with my middle-schoolers. I don’t remember where the idea came from, and I had even forgotten that I ever used it!
However, I was looking through an old “November” file to find some ideas for a fun activity for a sub day, and found the tracers and examples in my file.

fall activities for middle school

When I found it, I DID remember that the kids REALLY enjoy this activity. My 6th grade students had fun creating the pictures and deciding what colors to include. (My sample pumpkin below only uses orange, green and brown, but students could use ANY colors they want.)

So, I gathered materials (graph paper, tracers, colored pencils, thin black markers, construction paper) and left them for the sub, with the directions below.

Fall Pictures with Graph Paper


  1. Students take one piece of graph paper (I use the tiny squares, but younger students could use larger ones).
  2. Place the tracer under the graph paper and trace the outline and details of the shape.
  3. Color the squares with different shades, alternating light and dark (colored pencils work much better than markers), or different colors.
  4. When finished, outline in black, and go over the detail lines in a darker color.
  5. Cut out and glue onto construction paper.

This is a great way to create attractive pictures any time and is an engaging activity for fast finishers, a center activity or just a fun day.

I was just so excited to find it again that I thought I’d share:-) 

You can select the button below to download the tracers.

Free Cross Number Puzzle
I also left academic activities for the sub:

The color by number and Footloose task cards are both mixed math practice and great to use for review any time. (I used them in 6th grade math.)
fall mixed math practice color by number

Additional Fall Resource for Middle School

If you also teach language arts, I have a great Parts of Speech color by answer for you!

In this activity, students decide on the parts of speech of words, based on the context of the sentences they’re in. 

  • Then they color according to the part of speech they chose as their answer.
fall parts of speech color by answer

I hope you can use some of these fall activities!

Looking for other seasonal activities? Check out these easy-prep winter activities


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