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Free Footloose math game

This is a post from my previous blog – I can’t believe I’ve had this freebie out for nearly four years! I’m glad so many people have gotten to use it!

Area and Perimeter Activities
Sometime middle school math students have difficulty remembering how to find area versus how to find perimeter, so I’ve tried to use a variety of activities to help them visualize and practice with these concepts.

This particular area and perimeter activity is a Footloose task card game to help students practice finding areas and perimeters of rectangles. This Footloose math activity includes 30 question cards that require students to:

  • calculate area and perimeter of rectangles 
  • find missing sides
  • find perimeter when given the area and a side length
  • compare areas and perimeters of rectangles.

Many of the cards include diagrams; for those that don’t, I encourage students to create their own diagrams.

Playing Footloose
When playing Footloose, students receive one task card at a times. Students solve every area and perimeter problem and record their answers in the corresponding box on the Footloose grid that they each receive. Sometimes I offer a little prize to the students who are the first finished AND have the most answers correct.

To get the freebie, click the button below! I hope you can use it (if you haven’t already:-).


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