Free Ratios, Equivalent Ratios, and Rates Fold it Up


Teaching Ratios in 6th Grade Math

Ratios Fold It Up - great for ratios notes!

Get started with ratios, equivalent ratios, and rates using this ratios fold it up!

We pretested ratios, rates, and proportions last week, and I found mixed results in the item analysis.
I was a little surprised to find that very few students were able to write a ratio (the pretest question was: “there are 2 hamsters and 1 gerbil – write a ratio of gerbils to hamsters”).

​The surprise wasn’t that they wrote the ratio as hamsters to gerbils instead of gerbils to hamsters. Instead, they either left the question blank, or wrote something that did not resemble a ratio.

​So, I was glad that I had prepared a couple of Fold it Ups for them to use this week as we get started with out ratios unit!

Ratios, Equivalent Ratios, and Rates Fold it Up

I think this ratios Fold it Up is the first one I’ve used this year that has the triangles folding in, and a few students commented that they like this version better than others (like the one I made for Wed…haha), because this type won’t rip as easily.This one is quick and easy to use:
1) Cut out the square that makes up the fold it up.
2) Fold each triangular section into the center, so the terms are showing.
3) Write the notes under the appropriate flaps.

Note: Something to watch for, if you decide to use this ratios Fold it Up: Some students accidentally folded the headings to the inside of the fold it up, so they couldn’t see them….Easy enough to refold:-)

Ratios Fold It Up - great for ratios notes!

Ratios Fold It Up - great for ratios notes!
This Fold It Up is now part of my Grade 6 Ratios Unit.
Do you have a favorite note-taking method for ratios and rates? I’d love to hear about it!
For more about ratios, check out the post about the Ratios and Proportions (and goldfish!) Activity.
Resources to Practice With Ratios, Equivalent Ratios & Rates:


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