Math Wheels for Note-taking?

Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Conversions


Classroom number line showing fraction, decimal, percent conversions. 

Classroom Number Line

Check out these fraction, decimal, percent number line resources-handy for math notebooks and as bookmarks!

Do your middle school math students need reinforcement of fraction, decimal, percent conversions and equivalences? Every year, my math students needed extra reinforcement of the most common equivalences.

So, a few years ago, I made a number line with common decimals between 0 and 1 as the main number line. I added the equivalent fractions above the decimals and the equivalent percentages below them.

I keep this number line above the whiteboard all year long (except during state testing, of course!). This is done with the hope that by the time we get to this unit, some of these equivalences may have stuck in some students’ brains:-) 

Does the fraction, decimal, percent number line work? I think it does…for some students. However, for too many math students, I think it might be invisible until it can help them with their homework, lol.

The nice thing is that once students do realize the number line can help them, I notice them looking at it quite often. Even after the unit is “over,” they continue to use this number line as a resource.

New Fraction, Decimal, Percent Number Lines

On my snow day the other day, I decided to make  a smaller version of the number line for the students to keep as a resource in their math binders. I added the fraction 2/3 to the student version, since I missed it on the larger one.

I’ve also created smaller number lines for the students to use as bookmarks. These can be used in their math books or in the books they read for pleasure! This gives them super easy access to these equivalences:-)

How do you help your students master fraction, decimal, percent conversions?

Do you need another resource to help teach fraction, decimal, conversions? Check out the Fraction, Decimal, Percent Math Wheel post!

fraction decimal percent number line bookmarks
fraction decimal percent number line


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