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Fraction, Decimal, Percent Fold it Up for Middle School Math


Fold it Up for Interactive Math Notebooks


Do your middle school math students have difficulty with their fraction, decimal, percent conversions? My 6th grade math students often do, but I have a few ways I can share, to help them try to keep the concepts straight.

Tools for Teaching Fraction, Decimal, Percent Conversions:
We started our Percent Unit last week and began the unit with converting between fractions and percents and decimals.

I had already made the fraction, decimal, percent number line (a free resource in my store), with the most common fractions, percents, and decimals, but I figured there was a need for a “foldable” to keep all of the “rules” for converting in one place.

Converting Fractions and Decimals

​We have already worked on converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals, but somehow, as we add new concepts, the students seem to forget how to do these things!

It’s funny – my team teachers and I never write percents on students’ papers any more, but always write their grades as fractions, like 18/23. From the first week of school, we teach the students how to change these fractions into  percents, and every time they get a graded paper back, they are to find their percentages. So, when we say, “Figure out your percent,” we know they can do it.

BUT, in math class, if I ask them to change 18/23 to a percent, they just look at me. When I give them the hint, “Pretend it’s your grade,” they look at me, and understanding dawns on their faces! Why do they need that cue? Hmmm…..always a question. 


Fraction, Decimal, Percent Fold it Up

Fun, free, fold it up to help your middle school math students with their fraction, decimal, percent conversions. Great for their interactive notebooks!

Anyway, to keep the fraction, decimal, percent conversion rules all in one place for my 6th grade math students, we made this “fold it up.” The fraction, decimal, percent tabs (triangles) each get cut in half, and have a different rule and example under each half.

You can see the set up of the inside of the fold it up below.       


I’m so glad we made these last week, because our schedule has been screwy for the past few school days! Thursday and Friday we had early dismissal due to parent-teacher conferences, so none of the math classes met on either day; and today, we had a two hour delay, so all classes were short.
The “fold it up” was super-handy as we had to work pretty quickly today! And hopefully, they’ve used it to help them with their homework tonight!

What are your favorites for helping students remember fraction, decimal, percent conversions?
If you’re looking for more ideas to help students with fraction, decimal, percent conversions, check out this blog post!
More Resources to teach Fraction, Decimal, Percent Concepts:


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