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Upper Elementary and Middle School Fraction Practice


Ready for some fraction games and activities to help students master those fraction concepts?

In my last fraction post, I summed up the different fraction content posts I’ve written over the years. These included a series about fraction basics, as well as a few posts about fraction operations.

Today’s post is a collection of the fraction activity posts, to again give you a type of index of the fraction activities here on the blog.

Just select the links to head to the posts you’re interested in!

Fraction Card Games

Fraction Krypto – very easy, low-prep game. Just put 5 fraction cards up (or even write 5 fractions on the board) and students use the fraction operations to hit the target number of 1. Examples and detailed explanation are included in the post.

Playing Fraction ‘War’ – a great game to practice comparing and ordering fractions, as well as identifying equivalent fractions. Students can play in groups of 2 or 3.

Playing Go Fish with Fraction Cards – like the traditional Go Fish card game, students play this fraction version by asking other players for fractions equivalent to their own and then going ‘fishing’ if they don’t get the card they ask for. Great equivalent fraction practice! Directions and examples are in the post.

Quick and Easy Game for Adding Fractions: Make One – Make One is another card game where students must ask players for certain fraction cards (or cards equivalent to the fraction card). In this game, they’re asking for cards that will help them to ‘make one’ when added to a card(s) in their hand. You can access these cards through the post.

Fraction – Decimal Dice Game

Playing ‘Decimal Dice”~ Converting Fractions to Decimals  This is such a popular game! This game is kind of like Yahtzee, but requires students to convert fractions to decimals in order to get their scores. It’s pretty detailed, and students need several examples, but it’s GREAT practice. Students can play with a partner or with a larger group.

Fraction Partnering Cards

Reviewing Fractions Throughout the School Year: A Quick Way to Practice Fraction Concepts Any Time of Year 
This fraction post explains how to use fraction partnering cards or grouping cards when you want to randomly group students. This activity can be used ANY time of year, especially when you’re NOT teaching fractions, as a way to bring fractions into math class in a different way. Using cards that focus on different concepts helps students keep fractions fresh all year:-)


A few of the posts described here include a free download or two, which can be accessed by registering for the free Fraction Review Toolkit.

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