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Metric Conversions Free Problem Solving and Matching Activity

Metric Measurement Matching Game and FREE Problem Solving Activity

Metric matching - free activity

The other day I shared the Metric Matching activity I used to help students work on their metric conversions (free activity found in that blog post). In that metric activity, students were given sets of cards that had numbers on them, like 7, 700, 7,000. They were also given the headings meter, centimeter, and millimeter, and they had to match the number with the correct heading so that all 3 values would be equivalent (7 m, 700 cm, 7,000 mm)

We completed this metric activity for a second time, using decimals in the meter category more often than we did with the first set of numbers (these more challenging numbers are on the second page of the activity).

Observations During the Metric Conversions Matching Activity

  • It did take students longer to place the numbers appropriately this time, because they wanted to put all of the whole numbers in the meter category.
  • It was fun to watch them try to figure out how many cm and mm these would be equal to, decide the numbers didn’t work in the categories, and then rearrange them.
  • It was very difficult for me to be quiet and give help only if really necessary! However, some groups did need some redirection, and a little questioning, like, “If 4 meters is equal to 400 cm, can 4 meters also be equal to 0.4 cm?” was helpful.

Metric Conversions Problem Solving

As groups finished up with their matching, I gave them metric conversion problem solving sheets to work on together. This problem solving required students to complete metric conversions to reach their solutions.

​This is the first time these classes have worked on problem solving together, and the students did well explaining their thinking to one another and using the resources in the room to help them.

If you’d like to try the metric conversions problem solving with your students, you can grab it below. There are 3 problem solving sheets with answer keys and a student recording sheet.

metric conversions free problem solving

Additional Resources to Practice Metric Conversions


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