Math Wheels for Note-taking?

Rounding Decimals Math Wheel

Using Graphic Organizers in Math Class

Taking Notes in Math Class

Try this free Rounding Decimals Math Wheel for note-taking and practice! Great to add to your interactive notebooks!

What’s your favorite way to help students organize their math notes for rounding decimals and other math topics?
Math wheels are my new favorite method for taking notes:-)

We know graphic organizers are not just helpful for organizing math information – they can also be helpful in creating visual cues that help students remember specific math content.

  • Using color patterns and graphics in the math wheel increases student engagement.
  • Little things like doodle arrows to color, block letters to color and decorate, and terms and examples to color-code can all contribute to retention.

Teaching Rounding Decimals Using the Math Wheel

One of my newest math wheels focuses on rounding decimals.

When I’ve reviewed rounding decimals with my 6th grade math students in the past, I’ve noticed that they often remember (or try to remember) whatever trick or saying they were taught in previous grades, but they often can’t explain the math reasoning behind rounding:-(

So, to help students understand the concepts behind rounding, I included number lines on this math wheel.

  • The number lines gives students a concrete example of the distance between 1 and 2, and a visual for where 1.5 is.
  • We can visually draw attention to the fact that 1.6 thru 1.9 are closer to 2 and 1.1 thru 1.4 are closer to 1.

​The students add labels and notes, and there’s space for them to add several rounding examples.

Benchmarks with Rounding Decimals​

After the number lines, we transition to the benchmarks section. Students can draw number lines to label the benchmarks or add other visual reminders about what the benchmarks mean. 

Last, I’ll have students add a rule/saying to help them remember the decimal rounding concepts. Students can add one that he or she will remember best.

Rounding Decimals Practice

Try this Free Rounding Decimals Math Wheel for note-taking and practice! Great to add to your interactive notebooks!

After the notes have been added to the math wheel, students can do the practice problems all around the page.
Above each number is a T, H, or TH, to indicate the place to round to (tenth, hundredth, thousandth).

I have the students color their problems/answers according to the answers:

  • numbers that rounded up get colored green
  • numbers that rounded down get colored pink

This gives a quick, easy visual to see that they knew which way to round. A closer check will then tell me if their answers are actually correct:-)
You can always let them just color the background later, for fun!

I hope you’re able to use this math wheel for rounding decimals! Let me know if you have any questions:-)

Interested in more decimal content? Check out this decimal operations post!


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