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Enhance Learning With Fall Activities for Middle School Students

Use these fun and creative fall activities to enhance learning for middle schoolers this year.

I love to call the beginning of fall the sweet spot of that first quarter of school. At that point, you and your students have successfully navigated through setting up expectations and practicing them until they’re second nature. You’ve found your teaching rhythm with your new group of kiddos and are diving into the material. Some students transition into this mode more easily than others. In those weeks after the “back to school” crazy dies down, I’m ready to jump into some fall activities for middle school students. Today, I’m sharing a few of my go-to activities that keep my students engaged and enthusiastic!

Are Middle Schoolers too Old for Seasonal Activities?

Before we dive into the fall activities, let’s chat about themed seasonal activities. Some people might think middle schoolers are too old for them, but I completely disagree! In my experience, seasonal activities are just as effective with older kids as they are with the little ones. They add a layer of fun and excitement that really helps to capture our students’ interest and create a sense of buy-in.

Fall activities are perfect for middle schoolers because they add excitement an interest to your lessons during the fall season.

When I incorporate a theme, it gives the lesson a sense of freshness. It makes the content feel new and engaging, which is especially important for our students who might be a bit harder to motivate. Plus, seasonal activities help build a sense of community in the classroom. When everyone is participating in the same fun, it fosters a feeling of togetherness and shared experience.

Our middle schoolers may act cool, but deep down, they still love a bit of whimsy and creativity. Themed seasonal activities tap into that, making learning feel less like a chore and more like an adventure. So, I don’t shy away from bringing in those fall activities for middle school students or any other themed activity. They’re a fantastic way to keep students engaged and excited about learning!

Fun and Effective Fall Activities for Middle School Students

Let’s explore some of my favorite fall activities for middle school students. These are the ones I have used to keep my middle schoolers engaged, but they go beyond just engagement. They are also the activities that are effective in helping students learn, practice, and master the target skill. These activities have been tried and tested in my classroom and they never fail to bring a little extra excitement to our lessons.

Fall Math Footloose Task Cards – A Great Mixed Review

One of my favorite fall activities for keeping my students engaged and active is the mixed review students get using these Fall Math Footloose Task Cards. They are a game-changer when it comes to making math review sessions dynamic and fun. They get my students up and moving while tackling a variety of math concepts. I love the mixed review, because it helps to keep concepts fresh in their minds and I can see who might be struggling with previously taught concepts.

Use these Footloose Task Cards to keep your students interacting and engaged during your math lesson.

I spread the 30 fall-themed math task cards around the room, each featuring a different problem to solve. These tasks cover a range of topics from solving word problems to multiplying two-digit numbers to dividing with single-digit divisors, and more.

The students move from card to card, solving each of the problems. Their answer sheet has space for them to work out the problem and show their answer. This setup turns a standard review session into an interactive activity. The kids move around the room, collaborating and sharing strategies, which not only helps with their understanding but also keeps their energy levels high. It’s amazing to see how much more engaged they are when they can incorporate movement into their learning.

I have used these task cards for partner work and independent practice. It depends on what works best for your classroom dynamic on any given day. Whether the students are working together or tackling problems on their own, these cards bring a fresh twist to mixed math reviews, making them much more enjoyable and effective. Plus, the fall theme adds a festive touch that the students really appreciate.

Color By Number: Fall Activities for Middle School Students

If you find yourself saying “color by number” followed by a big question mark, please don’t tune out just yet. My middle school students love color by number activities and they have for years. Still not sure? Check out my blog post called Can Big Kids Love Color by Number? That post dives into all the reasons that I have been able to use color by number activities successfully with students for years. And. . . don’t worry about those being watered-down activities. High quality, rigorous math can come in a color by number format. Let’s take a look at some.

Least Common Multiple Color By Number

Another fantastic fall activity I love to use is math color by number activities. This particular one is finding the least common multiple (LCM). These are a blast and definitely beat regular math worksheets! Coloring isn’t just for fun. It brings a sense of mindfulness to my math classes, which can be especially beneficial for our middle school kiddos. Plus, coloring in math has been shown to help our reluctant students feel more comfortable with the subject. It’s a win-win!

Color by number activities are the way to go during your math lesson. They beat regular math worksheets and are sure to bring a sense of mindfulness to math class. This image shows the LCM Color By Number activity.

For this specific color by number activity, students solve 15 – 20 problems related to finding the LCM of two or three numbers. They also tackle word problems that require them to find the LCM. Once they solve a problem, they find the answer on the coloring sheet and then color in the corresponding section. This activity is available in both print and digital versions because I have kiddos who prefer the paper format while others do better online. This makes these fall activities super flexible to fit different classroom setups.

I love the differentiation these activities offer with three different print versions. This way, I can easily adjust the difficulty level to meet the needs of all my students. These activities turn what could be a monotonous worksheet into an engaging and calming experience. My students enjoy the break from the usual routine, and it’s wonderful to see them more relaxed and focused.

Fraction Operations Color By Number

This fractions color by number activity is one I use to practice fraction operations. The color by number format is way more engaging than a regular fractions worksheet! I’ve also found that when a concept is difficult for students, the opportunity to color between problems provides a nice small brain break that allows them to work at full capacity through the entire assignment.

This image shows the Fraction Operations Color by Number activity. Your students will be much more engaged using this product than a regular fractions worksheet.

In this color by number activity, students solve each of the fraction problems. Once they have their answer, they use the code to color the corresponding spaces on the coloring page. This way, it’s a self-checking activity, which means less grading for us and instant feedback for our students.

In this activity, our students solve 15 fraction operations problems that require them to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions. Students love seeing the picture come to life as they work through the problems, which keeps them engaged and motivated. The visual and hands-on nature of coloring helps reinforce their understanding and makes the practice feel less like work and more like a creative project.

I’ve found that this activity is perfect for a variety of settings. We could do a quiet individual practice session or a more collaborative group activity. It brings a sense of calm and focus to the classroom, which is always a plus.

Fall Early Finisher Activity

If there is one teacher problem that is common in every classroom it is trying to find a way to answer the inevitable question: “I’m done! Now what?” I’m pretty sure that every teacher has heard them at one time or another. Having a plan for students who finish their work is an important part of any classroom management system.

Early finisher activities help to keep students engaged and working so that the rest of the class has time to complete the assignment. There are many things that you can add as an early finisher activity. In my classroom, I have a designated place for these activities. They conveniently sit right by the place where students turn in their work. Students know that when they turn in their assignment, they choose one of the early finisher activities and return to their seat to get started. Sometimes these take multiple class periods for a student to finish, and that’s fine. The goal is to give them something productive to do while the rest of the class is working.

These big kid coloring sheets are a great way to add a touch of fall to your early finisher activity.

Not all of the activities in my early finisher area are math based. These big kid coloring pages are always a hit. I change them out throughout the year and always like to include a seasonal option or two. They are a great way for students to get a little creativity in while also reaping the amazing benefits of coloring.

And. . . if you have these in your teacher toolbox, you might want to pull some out on testing days too. Whether a chapter test or a long day of standardized testing, these pages are a great way for students to relax while remaining quiet while other students finish up.

Need More Fall Activities for Middle School Students?

For more fun fall activities, check out my blog post Engaging Fall Activities for Middle School.

And. . . remember to save this post to your favorite teacher Pinterest board for when you need fall activities to engage your middle schoolers!


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