Memory Wheels – End of the School Year Activity


Favorite End of School Year Activity: Memory Wheels!

Memory wheels - great end of the school year activity!

What are your favorite end of the school year activities? One of my favorites for the end of the school year is to have the students create “Memory Wheels.”

Memory Wheels Steps


1) Brainstorming Memories for the Memory Wheel

When we create our memory wheels, we take time to brainstorm a huge list of all the things we did during the school year…field trips, special lessons, special events, activities students may have been involved in, etc

2) Choosing Events and Creating the Wheels

Then students choose their top 6-8 memories and put those on their memory wheel. Students write “6th Grade” or “6th Grade Memories” in the center, and then write a heading and/or sentence or two in each section. They create illustrations to go with the sentences in each section. Then they add color!

Students use a template to help them create their wheels, and I have them use either oak tag or large white construction paper. 

Display the Memory Wheels

Are you looking for a fun end of the year activity for elementary or middle schoolers? Check out these memory wheels-students love creating them!

3) Display at the End of the School Year

I laminate the wheels and display them for the end of the school year, so students can see and share their classmates’ memories:-)
Then I save the wheels to put up at the beginning of the new school year!

Creating these wheels gives students a chance to reminisce about the school year, and the wheels give the incoming students a chance to see what the “old” students thought was fun about their 6th grade school year. 

AND, the 7th-graders who left their wheels behind like to come back to visit and pick their wheels up:-)

Other Wheel Template Uses

memory wheels for end of year, beginning of year, or any time in between

The wheel templates could also be used at the beginning of the year, as a “getting to know you” activity. The student’s name would go in the center circle. The student would need to choose 8 things to share about him/herself, and then write a brief description of them and illustrate them. I haven’t used the wheel in this way yet, but I like the idea:)

The wheel templates can be used for any type of project, at any time during the school year. In the past, I have used the wheels as a book report project: students choose main events from the book to feature in each section, they write a brief description of each event, and then illustrate each one. The title and author are written in the center circle.


Video About End of the School Year Memory Wheels

I did a quick Facebook Live to share this idea, if you’d like to check it out!

I’ve also created quite a few wheels in different content areas! Check them out here!

If you’re looking for more end of the school year activities, check out this post!



  • I love this idea! I do a similar “getting to know you” activity where students pick 6-8 things about themselves that include a number- how many siblings, video game level, house number, etc. they must write an equation whose answer matches their info. I make copies for other students to solve – it works as a nice review of order of ops.


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